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Why Homeowners Install Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners and businesses continue to install outdoor lighting because it:


Why Is Landscape Lighting So Popular?

Lots of homeowners are extremely surprised when they find out how affordable landscape lighting installation in Anaheim, CA really is. Lots of times, homeowners tend to go for what appears to be the most affordable option – buy the lights at a home improvement store. What they later realize is that those lights break or stop working quickly and the “lifetime” warranties don’t deliver. The average cost for landscape lighting installation in Anaheim, CA starts at about $1,000. However, the fixtures you choose and the number of fixtures your property needs will vary and will affect the overall cost.


Our most popular choice is the durable LED lights that use up very, very little energy. As a matter of fact, you won’t really notice the change in your electric bill after we install the lights. In addition to well lit LED lighting, the fixtures we install are made of durable brass, copper, and cast iron.


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