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MSR Landscape Lighting is one of Orange County’s top-rated landscape lighting companies and has over 25 years of experience in landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is a beautiful way of making your home stand out from the rest of the block. Not only can it increase your property value and improve curb appeal, but it also provides security for your home by illuminating dark spots where intruders may likely hide. Illuminate your home’s unique landscape and architectural features with the help MSR Landscape Lighting Services!

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Benefits Of Hiring A Landscape Lighting Company

The most obvious benefit of landscape lighting is giving your home a luxurious look by illuminating the highlights of the home. Here are some of the other benefits that we consider to be the most rewarding.

  • Security. Homes that do not have landscape lighting are a popular target for burglars since these homes have “dark spot” areas where intruders are more likely to hide. Installing landscape lighting is an effective way of keeping your home out of these burglars’ interest by keeping the home’s vicinity well-lit.
  • Safety. Installing landscape lighting to your home’s exterior will increase safety when it’s dark, which will increase visibility and decrease the chances of accidental trips or falls.
  • Property Value. Landscape lighting can increase your chances of a higher resale price when you plan on selling your home. Well-lit homes are extremely popular and attractive to potential buyers.

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Ready to make your home the brightest on the block? Call our experts to make your appointment. Whether you already have a lighting design in mind or would like our team to design it for you, we guarantee your satisfaction.


Once you have confirmed your landscape lighting design and made your installation appointment, our team will reach out a few days before for a friendly appointment reminder. We will arrive on time and ready to work!


Your new landscape lighting system is ready! We’ll walk you through the specs of your new lighting system so you know what to expect. Feel free to ask questions as well! It’s time to lighten up the block with your home’s new look!


A Few of Our Most Popular Lights!

We carry a huge selection of lighting fixtures for your property, whether you’re looking to install lighting for safety, aesthetics, or both – we’ve got plenty of options.

Common Landscape Lighting Company questions

Our landscape lighting company is meticulous when it comes to our landscape lighting installation process. MSR Landscape Lighting Services make sure that each angle and architectural feature are accentuated when we install your lights. We also make sure that your landscape, garden, and trees are highlighting your home’s unique and natural beauty.

Initial Meeting. We will meet with you to figure out what exactly it is that you’re looking for in your landscape lighting. We’ll plan out your design and if you need assistance in designing your landscape lighting, we can put together a design that will highlight and accentuate your home’s unique features.
Designing. Once we have all the information we need to proceed, we’ll put together a design that will increase your home’s value and make your property stand out from the rest! We will meet with you once again to go over your design and once it’s approved by you, we could move forward to the installation.
Installation. Once your design is approved, we will begin the installation process. This is where it gets fun! Installation can take up to a day or 3 days, depending on how much lighting you want in your front and/or backyard.

There are a few factors when it comes to pricing. The main factors are:

  • Landscape size
  • Lighting fixture quality
  • Type of lighting system
  • Bulb type (LED, halogen, etc.)
  • Power source (solar or electricity)
  • Among other factors included!

Our landscape lighting company offers FREE estimates so you get a good idea of what to expect with pricing. We always keep your budget in mind when planning your design.

Yes, if you have a broken light or if you need outdoor electrical services, give our team a call!

Landscape lighting is a popular solution for homeowners or business owners who would like to take an extra safety measure. With a functioning landscape lighting system, when there is movement, the lights turn on in sync – this will startle intruders and animals to send them away.

We’ve built a great reputation in the last 15+ years of being Orange County’s top-rated landscape lighting company. When you hire us, you can expect only the best customer service, installation, rates, and landscape lighting solutions. However, if for some reason our work is not to your satisfaction, just give us a call and we’ll come right back to make it right. Additionally, if any of the lighting fixtures stop working, just reach out to us. One of our techs will be over immediately to fix or replace the fixture.

Yes! All of our lighting fixtures come with a warranty.

Lots of homeowners are extremely surprised when they find out how affordable hiring a landscape lighting company really is. Lots of times, homeowners tend to go for what appears to be the most affordable option – buy the lights at a home improvement store. What they later realize is that those lights break or stop working quickly and the “lifetime” warranties don’t deliver.

We install durable LED lights that use up very, very little energy. As a matter of fact, you won’t really notice the change in your electric bill after we install the lights. In addition to well lit LED lighting, the fixtures we install are made of durable brass, copper, and cast iron.

The average cost of hiring a landscape lighting company starts at about $1,000.

However, the fixtures you choose and the number of fixtures your property needs will vary and will affect the overall cost.

We work with very specific outdoor lighting manufacturers to bring you only the best and most durable lighting. Lights from a home improvement store, such as Home Depot offer easy-to-install lights that unfortunately have a proven track record of breaking easily and dimming out quickly. In addition to not working very well, the warranty on those lights doesn’t always work.

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